I’m a new school librarian in a public school known locally as “Hogwarts.” It has an actual chained library but no esoteric magic books, necronomicon or similar (I’ve checked).

I love my new job (started Jan 2015) which comes complete with an office in a turret with a mysterious turret room window above.

I’ve previously worked as a library assistant in the public sector and prior to that in marketing and even earlier on as an English teacher. I’m working on becoming Chartered with CILIP, the plan is by the end of the year.

I (unsurprisingly) enjoy reading; fantasy, thrillers, crime, horror, supernatural crime and chicklit. I am also an unashamed geek and enjoy tabletop roleplaying, larping (infrequently due to small children), knitting, running (away from zombies – zombies run app is fab) and have just got an allotment which I’m loving just whiling away the hours in.

The views on this website are entirely my own but very happy to hear what other people’s views are too, so please comment and chat back 😉


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  1. I can’t believe how cool your job sounds!


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