Submitted my Chartership

Well, I submitted my Cilip Chartership portfolio online last Wednesday. Now I’ve just got to wait AGES to hear whether it’s successful. (2-3 months which is fair enough but I’m impatient sometimes.

So, now what should I do with my life? Well, our Schools are getting inspected next week (eek!) so that’s going to be a bit scary. My first inspection, at least I can truthfully claim I’ve done loads of CPD this year!

I’ve also somehow had my arm twisted into helping out at my daughters’ primary school on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Wednesday I’m reading to reception children (they’re gorgeous but hard work), Thursday I do reading with year 4s. They may have to choose which day to have me next term but I’m OK at the moment.

On Saturday 30th January, I’m going to an NLPN digital skills day  at Makerspace in Manchester which sounds very exciting.

Then from 1st February I’m going to do a mental health and literature entitled “Reading for well-being” mooc because I think it’ll be valuable working with young people to know more about how books can support MH and be interesting on a personal level.

Maybe soon it’ll also stop raining and I can start my running again (I’m back to c25k and the rain is serious putting me off). I really want to go and dig on my allotment too and enjoy being outside but apparently we’re going to get a month’s worth of rain in 48hrs. 😦


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