Analysis paralysis

So, I’m 90% there with my Chartership portfolio – this is the CILIP professional qualification that says you’re a librarian that stays up to date with CPD. I’m now suffering from analysis paralysis/imposter syndrome. I’ve a few online friends who’re also going for it and now I’ve looked at their work I’m “having a wobble” that my reflections aren’t in enough depth, I haven’t applied enough of my learnings and changed what we’re doing at work and that I’ll never be good enough to pass.

On the other hand, I’ve already got my job, I can reapply if I don’t get it and my mentor is happy with what I’ve done! I’m sort of seeing why there aren’t any Chartership portfolios available to see as examples.

Urgh, perhaps the main learning here is to finish the last bits of my work and just wait and see!

(This was a private post but it strikes me that since I eventually passed, it’s probably useful for others to see that panicking is the norm)


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