Thing 23 putting it all together, what a useful, brilliant course this rudai23 course has been! I’d really like to thank the organisers. I met with my Chartership mentor last weekend and he was very impressed how much I’d got out of the course in terms of CPD. I feel like I’ve learnt loads and virtually ‘met’ an entire support group of librarians. Thank you 😆

Anyway, on to thing 23, where I’ve taken a further look at curation tools to manage all this social media! I decided to have another look at Flipboard and have successfully added my Twitter feed and chartership/Rudai23 Facebook groups. 

I find Flipboard a bit US centric but I do like that it’s possible to collate your social media together. I’m likely to use it as an accessory rather than instead of Twitter and Facebook but I’ve also kept it as mostly work (I got distracted by a zombie apocalypse page!)

Regarding hootsuite, I’m going to show my colleague this as she manages our work Twitter account and I’ve seen her on it late at night. I’m less keen as last time I looked there was no app and I rarely use the PC at home (my iPad/phone are exponentially faster). Also, I liked the idea of using google alerts for ideas of tweets. I’ve used google alerts in the past but only in a personal capacity.

Thanks once again, I now know that I’m pretty digitally literate in spite of having learnt all of my tech skills through self study (via Rudai 23) organically/through my personal help desk aka my husband! I’ll feel far more confident about demonstrating them to others.



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3 responses to “Thing 23 putting it all together 

  1. Delighted that you’ve gotten so much out of the course. I think Hootsuite have really upped their game in the last few years. They now have an app and they’ve fixed a lot of integration issues with LinkedIn and Facebook. I had only been using it for twitter for ages but I would definitely consider using it for my other networks as well. Congratulations on finishing the course!

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    • Thank you Naomi, I’m really glad I did it. I’ve still got that pesky screencast to do but also have a week off when my kids are still at school next week so this seems an ideal time to concentrate on it.

      I wish CILIP would do MOOCs like this one, you could show them a thing or two!


  2. Congratulations, nicely done! It’s been a pleasure reading your blog, I hope you’ll keep at it! #rudai23


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